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DuneScape – Holocene Coastal DUNES Chronology and Adaptation of Past communities to the sand invasion along European coasts

The DuneScape project aims to explore the links between the climate, the coastal environment, and the societies during the Holocene at the European scale, with a particular focus on coastal dune environments. It brings together researchers from France, Portugal, Spain and Poland working on coastal dune environments in different disciplines such as archaeology, sedimentology, geomorphology, geology, biology. The project is structured around four principal research objectives :

(1) Development of a chronological model for coastal dune evolution on a European scale;

(2) Conduct a comparative study of four dune environments located on the South Atlantic, West Atlantic and South Baltic coasts of Europe;

(3) Evaluate the role of rapid climate change, extreme events and human impact on the evolution of coastal dunes;

(4) Analyse the adaptation of coastal populations to sand drift events.


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