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Thematic research conducted by LETG involves complex dynamics occurring at different spatio-temporal scales. Therefore, methods must be developed for the exploitation of different kinds of numerical data, such as laboratory measurements (e.g. chemical composition) and in-situ field measurements (e.g. soil composition, meteorological data or object localization), images (in situ, aerial or satellite), LIDAR readings and digital spatial model outputs. Such data form the basis of the unit’s research over this broad field and are constantly improving in quality and accessibility, facilitated by more flexible dissemination policies and the creation of platforms that promote the sharing of data and knowledge on the environment. Overall, this research theme contributes to the effort defined by the National Research Strategy (SNR) in the "Information and Communication Society" challenge, notably its transversal "Digital Humanities" component.

Co-managers : Damien Arvor (LETG-Rennes), Cyril Tissot (LETG-Brest).

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