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LETG develops innovative research topics based on the study of the natural and anthropogenic functioning and dynamics of continental environments at different spatial (corridor, hillside, catchment) and temporal (Holocene, Anthropocene, ancient, instantaneous, etc.) scales, in the context of global changes that affect all continental environments (tropical, temperate and polar). Littoral zones rely on a continental hinterland where the geomorphological, landscape and anthropic dynamics, whether active or pre-existing, are not necessarily under coastal influence. This theme’s underlying raison d’être is not only its geographical complementarity (in relation to the coast) but also its position in the following national and European Challenges: Understanding and anticipating environmental changes (ANR), and Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials (Horizon 2020).

Co-managers : Armelle Decaulne (LETG-Nantes), Anne Julia Rollet (LETG-Rennes)

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