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Conférence de Michaël Hughes (Murdoch University, Perth) : "Communication as a protected area management tool. Evaluating effectiveness"

Date : 3 février 2016

Lieu : Amphi A, IUEM, Brest

Dans le cadre du projet de recherche Fondation de France "Sports de nature et aires naturelles protégées : de l’étude des pratiques et des comportements à l’accompagnement d’une démarche de sensibilisation à l’environnement littoral", le chercheur australien Michaël Hughes (Murdoch University, Perth) donnera une conférence le mercredi 03 février 2016 à 13h30.

Titre de la conférence : "Communication as a protected area management tool. Evaluating effectiveness"

Résumé : There are more than 127 million hectares of terrestrial and 2.5 million hectares of marine protected areas of various types in Australia including more than 500 national parks that are managed for both nature conservation and public recreation purposes. Managing for nature conservation and human use can present significant challenges requiring a range of methods to encourage people to behave in ways that minimise environmental impacts. Communication to educate visitors and influence behaviour is a commonly used technique in Australia and worldwide. However, communication can vary significantly in effectiveness as a management tool depending on how it is designed and implemented. This seminar presents some research on the use and effectiveness of strategic communication in Australia in different contexts. It presents research based on the theory of planned behaviour as both a development tool and diagnostic tool and also considers site design and motivation in relation to communication designed to influence behaviour and minimise human impacts on Australian protected areas. In presenting this seminar I will draw on more than ten years’ experience of research for protected area managers and government on visitor management and communication in Australia.

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