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Date : 18 janvier 2021

Alvarez-Vanhard E.G., Houet T., Corpetti T. (Minor Revisions) UAV & Satellite synergies for optical remote sensing applications : a review. Science of Remote Sensing

Jin X., Tang P., Houet T., Corpetti T., Alvarez-Vanhard E., Zhang Z. (2021) Sequence Image Interpolation via Separable Convolution Network, Remote Sensing

Alvarez-Vanhard E.G., Houet T., Mony C., Lecoq L., Corpetti T. (2020) Can UAVs fill the gap between in situ surveys and satellites for habitat mapping ?, Remote Sensing of Environment. 243, 12p
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Mury A., Collin A., Houet T., Alvarez-Vanhard E., James D. (2020) Using Multispectral Drone Imagery for Spatially Explicit Modeling of Wave Attenuation through a Salt Marsh Meadow. Drones, 4(2), 25

James D., Collin A., Houet T., Mury A., Gloria H. and Le Poulain N. (2020) Towards better mapping of seagrass meadows using UAV multispectral and topographic data, Journal of Coastal Research, 95(sp1), 1117-1121

Collin A., Dubois S., James D., Houet T. (2019) Improving Intertidal Reef Mapping Using UAV Surface, Red Edge, and Near-Infrared Data. Drones, 3 (3), pp.67.


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