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Offre de post-doctorat

Date : 1er juillet 2018

Lieu : Angers

LETG-Angers propose, dans le cadre du projet CASEST, un contrat post-doctoral de 18 mois.
Sujet : "Anthropogenic constraints to Tropical Savanna Social-ecological systems : a
spatially explicit landscape and land-use dynamics modelling approach".
Contact : RENAUD Pierre-Cyril

Job purpose :
- Landscape and land use dynamic : remote sensing analysis and field data collection to produce a diachronic analysis of land use and landscape structure changes within the three sites.
- Data analysis to investigate and model the drivers of landscape and land use dynamics
Supervision of Master students
- Writing of scientific papers (several per year are expected)
- To integrate the landscape and land use model into the global Social-Ecological framework.

Contact : RENAUD Pierre-Cyril
Tél. +33 2 44 68 87 59
Courriel :

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